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Message form Chairman and CEO

Since the year 2015, the game industry has been explicitly transformed and the competition in dominating the game market has been quite extremely furious. It could be seen that the gamers’ behavior has been changed, because lots of companies provide more various games for gamers to choose. Consequently, how much the game's content is critical comes very first in sight of the game provider, because the good game's content would seduce the customers to stay playing longer. Asiasoft has the strategy adapted to be compatible with both domestic and international changing game market, by providing more mobile games to meet the gamers’ demands. For PC games which still have base of thousands of gamers, Asiasoft continually pushes the game selection in the core of conduction, and highly focuses on the new application development, including all of the service system improvements, to make the game service more convenient for our customers.

From the previous-year transformations, they absolutely mirrored the importance of promptitude in regularly keeping up with the market trends and technologies. Asiasoft has never stayed motionless, because to become the leader of service providers is not too complicated to reach, but to maintain the standard of service provider is more elaborately subtle to obtain. Asiasoft still persists to walk through all obstacles to be the leading online entertainment service provider in Southeast Asia again.

On behalf of Asiasoft, we would like to thank everybody who throughly stands beside us, both unflagging staffs and executives who support pushing our corporate forward, all gamers and customers who still believe in our management, trading partners and business alliances who are always encouraged and supportive in walking across the problems together, and all shareholders and investors who suggest and advise all of the creative and benefical ideas for us. Hereby, all mentioned above is our valueble spirit that would support Asiasoft to keep walking forward in running the business with pursuit and responsible for whole image of economic, society, and environment, with hope to create everybody the most excellent benefits.

Mr. Tan Tgow Lim

Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn
Chief Executive Officer
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