Air Time Sale Revenue model which collects fee according to the time spent for playing the game
Average Concurrent User (Average CCU) Sum of average concurrent users of each game obtained from number of gamers at a point of time in each hour which is then averaged over that period
Average Revenue per User (ARPU) Average income per gamer per period, which is calculated from the total income from online game service of each game (net) for that period divided by Average CCUs (in case of Air Time Sale) or divided by the sum of APAs (in case of Item Sale) in that period
CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate

Ending Value means value at the beginning year of calculation Beginning Value means value at the ending year of calculation No. of Years means number of year for calculation
Broadband Internet High speed internet
Casual Game Online game with cute, colourful cartoon characters which is normally relatively easy to play. Gamers do not need to spend long time or high skills to play and can usually finish the game in a short period of time, thus making the game suitable for relaxation
Client Program Program that gamers have to install on their computers before their first time play
IDC With headquarter in USA, International Data Corporation is a research company having offices worldwide including those in 6 SE Asian countries. Currently, IDC's research covers various industries including Online Game Industry in SE Asian region
Item In-game virtual items such as weapons, clothes and accessories for playing game
Item Sale Revenue model which collects fee from in-game item sale such as weapons, clothes and accessories
MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game which gamers assume their roles in the virtual world
Online Game Computer game played on internet network which gamers can compete and chat with each others in game simultaneously
Peak Concurrent User
(Peak CCUs)
Maximum number of concurrent users in any period obtained from the maximum number of gamers at a point of time in each hour in that period
Registered User number of gamer registered with the Company
PC Game Computer game
Server system Server system for storing the program of online games and most of gamers' data as well as connecting among Game Operators, Internet Service Providers, and gamers