In 2017, the overall game industry continued to be highly competitive with rapidly changing market situations. The Company; therefore, has duly adjusted the business strategies to reflect such changes. As a result, Asiasoft’s business profits have risen to a better year than the past. This is the results of many factors, such as a reconstruction of business management to be more effective, choosing products that corresponded well with market needs thus reaching out to more players. As such, the Company could earn income and profits as targeted with continuous growth. In 2017, the PC game market still consisted of old games which have many players, which reflected well for the revenue and profits of the Company. The market value for mobile game continued to grow, so emphasis has been made on quality co-publishing services. This, in turn, resulted in reduced investment risks and lower production costs for new games launches. All in all, the Company continued to gain revenue and profits accordingly.

For next year, the Company still aim for growth in revenue and profit, as well as developing more new games for online entertainment. In addition, we will continue to synergize careful investment plans, so that the Company will be as strong as ever in the game industry. Asiasoft would thus like to thank you all for being important elements that have helped us to overcome past obstacles and now successfully back on our feet. We would like to thank all staff and the whole management team for your dedication and devotion to surmount all difficulties of the past year. We would like to thank all our customers for believing in us. Huge thanks go to all our business partners who have always been supporting Asiasoft. We would also like to thank our shareholders and investors for support and constructive feedback. We would like to reassure you that Asiasoft will operate our business with commitment, prudence, and with transparency and social responsibility, for the optimum benefits of all parties.

Mr. Tan Tgow Lim

Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn
Chief Executive Officer