Asiasoft and gain the prize 'The Topmost Visited Website' from Web Awards 2007 two year continual !!

BackMar 27, 2008

Asiasoft Corporation PLC. the leader in online entertainment in Southeast Asia  and Play Park Co, Ltd.  get  the prizes from Web Awards 2007 'The Most visited highly popular website' two year continual.

Asiasoft  by  received the prize  ‘The 11st  Most Visited Website' the most website that to have person see topmost in Thailand again. And so, the most casual game popular website received  2 rewards  as follows, ‘Website where have person reach to see topmost is 1 rank of game category and the website where have person reach to see topmost is 7 ranks of Thailand (The 7th Most Visited Website) by receive the fame from cabinet ministry of science minister and the Technology, be person commit a reward recently.