Asiasoft Joins Hands with Korea’s No. 1 Online Game Company, CJ Internet, to Expand Presence in Region

BackFeb 22, 2008

Partnership a first for Thai online entertainment industry
Announce joint launch of Sudden Attack, top online game in South Korea

Bangkok, 22 February 2008 - Asiasoft, the leader in Southeast Asia's online entertainment industry, made history today by becoming the first ASEAN online game company to partner with the top online gaming company in Korea, CJ Internet. The two companies announced at the Thailand Game Show 2008 in Bangkok that their first venture together will be the launch of Sudden Attack in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The two entertainment companies believe that this partnership will, through Asiasoft's strong regional presence, provide an excellent platform from which to launch other games into both local and regional markets, growing and strengthening both companies. Sudden Attack will be the first joint launch of the partnership. With its distinctive game play and low learning curve, this PC game is expected to be an instant success.

CJ Internet Corporation is the leading online entertainment company in Korea with over 26 million gamers registered and more than 60 games. The company is listed on the KOSDAQ with a market value of USD530 million or 17 billion baht. Currently, CJ Internet not only provides online entertainment throughout Korea but also in China, Japan, Europe and North America.

"A partnership with Asiasoft was a natural fit," said Mr. Young-jong Jung, President and CEO of CJ Internet. "We needed a strong company with a recognized presence in the region and as an industry leader in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, Asiasoft complements CJ Internet perfectly. Both our companies share a vision -- to expand our gaming and online entertainment businesses not only in the region but on the global stage as well."

Mr. Sherman Tan, President and Chairman of Asiasoft Corporation PCL, said that a partnership with CJ Internet, a giant in the world of online entertainment, was exactly what Asiasoft had been seeking to penetrate the Asia market.

"Our seven years of business experience in the industry with an established customer base and a network of over 13,450 associated internet caf้s will provide the type of infrastructure that CJ Internet needs to achieve its business goals," Mr. Tan said. "Asiasoft will benefit from this partnership with stronger revenues and more customer registrations."

According to both companies, the online entertainment market in the region will grow from 4.2 billion baht last year to 7.8 billion baht by 2011.

"We chose to announce this partnership here at the Thailand Game Show with the simultaneous launch of CJ Internet's popular title, Sudden Attack," remarked Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn, Asiasoft's CEO. "Sudden Attack has been a best-seller in Korea with more than three times the number of subscribers than its closest competitor."

Sudden Attack offers a level of realism unmatched by competing online games. Features such as life-like shooting feel, vivid sound effects and speedy play immerse players in the game to whole a new level. The advanced Jupiter Game Engine provides a first-class gaming experience, unmarred by pauses in the action even when played on a standard home PC. And unlike most other online titles, Sudden Attack features a quicker log-in process which is achieved with only a single click. Waiting for other players to start is no longer necessary and game modes are updated every month.

"In addition to this partnership with CJ Internet, we will continue to be on the lookout for future business opportunities -- both domestic and international -- to continue to develop our business and generate more shareholder value," Mr. Sudjitporn added. "We recognize that in this highly competitive and developing industry we must stay one step ahead of the expectations of our loyal customers."