Asiasoft get ready to open service new game ‘Wind Forrest and Fire Mountain : WFFM’

BackJul 07, 2008


Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn, CEO for Asiasoft Corporation PLC. had sign contract with Mr.Young - Soo Park CEO for Mgame for prepare open online service ‘WFFM : Wind Forest and Fire mountain' game provider at the recently.

Mr.Pramoth said,

"WFFM is highly popular in Korea since open service on December 2007 and it's on Hit famous Korea game Chart on March 2007 too. WFFM has cool graphic and characters which outstanding more than the others MMORPG game. The character enforces by can use both of mouse and the keyboard. Gamer who play WFFM will receive the enjoy of the limitation certainly"

Young - Soo Park CEO for Mgame said,

"Asiasoft be side online game leader in Southeast Asia that have the high potential in online service provider and marketing strategy tactics to approach online game market that's why Mgame trust give Asiasoft to open service which before Asiasoft has been open service both Yulgang and Ghost Online and very high success. We hope that WFFM (Wind Forest and Fire Mountain) will succeed in game Thailand market and Vietnam like Yulgang and Ghost Online."


About Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited

Established in 2001, Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, a leading online entertainment provider in Southeast Asia, focuses on the provision of online gaming services to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. The company also has affiliates involved in international investment, computer and online game development and game portal services (


As of 31 December 2007, Asiasoft offers twelve online games in four countries, namely Thailand (seven games), Singapore (five games), Malaysia (five games) and Vietnam (six games) and boasts more than 8.2 million registered gamers in these countries. Its most famous games are Cabal, Ragnarok, Audition Dance Online, Maple Story and Yulgang .