Asiasoft announced dividend payments and showed the operating results of the 2nd quarter 2008, net profit increased almost 50% from the 1st quarter 2008.

BackAug 18, 2008

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited or AS announced the operating results of Asiasoft Group for the 2nd quarter 2008. The net profit was Bt67.8 million which increased Bt22.3 million or 48.9 percent compare from the 1st quarter of 2008 that was the net profit of 45.5 million.  AS declared the interim dividend payments for operations from Jan.1, - Jun.30, 2008 at the rate of Bt 0.31 per share from the net profit Bt113.3 million or EPS Bt0.46. The dividend will be paid to the shareholders whose names appear in registered book on Aug.29, 2008 with the payment date on Sept.5, 2008.

Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn, Chief Executive Officer of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company or AS, reported that "The operating results of Asiasoft Group compared between the 2nd quarter 2008 and the 1st quarter 2008, this showed that in 2nd quarter of 2008 Asiasoft Group had total revenue of Bt416 million, increased Bt 29.4 million or 7.6 percent due to the growth of revenue from the online games service both in Thailand and abroad. The total net profit was Bt67.8 million which increased Bt22.3 million or 48.9 percent from the 1st quarter 2008. Dramatically increasing of net profit mainly reason of the Asiasoft Group presented new game services Ghost online in Thailand and Cabal in Singapore and Malaysia above the end of 1st quarter 2008 those incomes received in this quarter.  Beside, the 2nd quarter 2008 Asiasoft Group presented another online games service is Free Style Street Basketball in Thailand and it is nicely growing which made our revenue in this quarter even higher."
"For the 2nd quarter 2008 compared to the same time period in 2007, the total revenue was increased Bt68.6 million or 19.7 percent and net profit was increased Bt12.6 million or 22.8 percent."  Mr. Pramoth further reported, "This increase of total revenue and net profit was due to amount new game added from presented 10 games in 2007 to 14 games in this year. It also plans to introduce two new games in Thailand, one new game in Singapore and Malaysia and one new game in Vietnam. Beside, Asiasoft had launce marketing products in Thailand ‘@Reward' for encourage circulation as result that online revenue increased from Bt 144.6 million to Bt 174.1 million or 20.4%." Mr. Pramoth said.
"The notable performance of second quarter 2008 resulted to Asiasoft Group's performance in first half year has total revenues Bt802.6 million and the net profit total Bt113.3 million. Asiasoft approved the interim dividend payments at the rate of Bt 0.31 per share or 80% of net profit."

"For the second half year, we will be launch 5 new games in four country in Southeast Asia as well as the business expansion in Malaysia by investment in equipment network in this country so build confidence that the

ate of market share in Malaysia will increase and push forward growth rate the revenue and the profit in second half year certainly" stated Mr. Pramoth.

About Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited
Established in 2001, Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, a leader in online entertainment provider in Southeast Asia, focuses on online gaming providing in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. The company has affiliates which cover computer and online game development, online advertising and game portal service. At present, Asiasoft provides 14 online games in 4 countries; Thailand (9 games), Singapore (6 games), Malaysia (6 games) and Vietnam (6 games) with more than 10 million registration-base gamers. Maple Story, Audition Dance Online, Yulgang, Ragnarok Online and Cabal are the most famous online games operated by Asiasoft.