Asiasoft invites gamers to do good for our father in Gamers Love Dad Year 3 Project

BackNov 19, 2008

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited continues its social project entitled Gamers Love Dad for the third consecutive year following overwhelming response, which translates into sales worth more than 7 million baht in last year.  For this year, the company also created new channels for donation beside of buy yellow item.  The total proceeds will be donated to foundations and projects under His Majesty the King's patronage.

Mr. Payoongsak Charnduaywit, Marketing Director of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, leading online entertainment service provider in Southeast Asia, disclosed that his company realized the importance of social contribution and initiatives for social betterment and had continuously engaged so as evident through the Gamers Love Dad project, which is held for the third consecutive year this year. "Gamers Love Dad project emerges as Asiasoft realizes the need for people within the online community to display their force of unity in making a better society at the same time show their respect and loyalty to His Majesty the King during his birthday anniversary on the upcoming December 5," he said

He added that the previous installments of Gamers Love Dad had been successful with overwhelming participation from gamers, prompting the sales to reach 7,330,972 million baht last year. "Over 100,000 gamers also joined forces to wish His Majesty the King well and express their loyalty using online games as the means. There will also be sessions to light up the candles and display placards on His Majesty the King's birthday on December 5 this year, which we are confident gamers will once again unite to show their power," he explained.

He provided details of this year's Gamers Love Dad project, saying the activity would go on from December 1 to 31 with a total of 11 games included in this project namely Ragnarok, Audition, Cabal, Yulgang, Ghost Online, Sudden Attack, Maple Story, Freestyle, Granado Espada, HuangYi Online and 3 Kingdoms Online. Each of these games will have a yellow item for sale for the gamers to express their love to their father. There are also other activities which are parts of the project such as various photo contests.       

In addition, the company also created 3 additional channels for the public to participate by offering donation to online contribution via @Cash Service on, Siam Commercial bank account at Klong Tun branch / account name : Asiasoft Corporation PCL. for Gamers Love Dad project / saving account no. 028-297062-3 and donation box at @Club on the 1st floor of UM Tower. There are 50 dealers participating in this project.  The total proceeds will be donated to foundations and projects under His Majesty the King's patronage such as the Chaipattana Foundation, Ananda Mahidol Foundation, Rachaprachanukroh Foundation, Pra Dabos Foundation, Long Distance Learning Foundation and Thai Youth Encyclopedia Project.

Moreover, All activities from all these games based on "Love Dad Power" concept, which all activities of these games earned the praise that It is a social activities with creativity and good technology supported.  Asiasoft plans to communicate this project through, as the website is portal for @caf้ magazine and online game shop. This event will reflect the other side of online gamers that most people do not know about - the side that cares for our society," he concluded.


About Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited

Established in 2001, Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, a leader in online entertainment provider in Southeast Asia, focuses on online gaming providing in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. The company has affiliates which cover computer and online game development, online advertising and game portal service.

At present, Asiasoft provides a total of 14 online games across 4 countries; namely Thailand (9 games), Singapore (6 games), Malaysia (6 games) and Vietnam (6 games) with more than 10 million registrated gamers.  Maple Story, Audition Dance Online, Yulgang, Ragnarok Online and Cabal Online remained the most famous online games operated by Asiasoft.