Asiasoft is yet strong. Good operation results, growing continually in both Thai and foreign markets. Indonesia invaded the market in the first quarter of the next year.

BackOct 08, 2010

October 8, 2010 - The operation results of the year 2010 of Asiasoft Corporation Public Co., Ltd. (Thailand) reach the targets. Successful launch of a new game, 8 Tep Asun Mankorn Fah (The Dragon Oath), has gained 12% of the Thailand online gaming revenue. In regards to an overview of international business in Singapore and Malaysia, it continues growing during the first two quarters of the year 2010, compared to the last year when experienced the effect of the loss, while there is a new marketing plan for Indonesia market launched in the first quarter of the next year.

Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn, Chief Executive Officer of Asiasoft Corporation Public Co., Ltd. (Thailand), the no. 1 leader in online gaming service provider of Southeast Asia revealed the operation results of the company that "the performance of the year 2010 continued satisfactory growing, especially, in overseas where earnings improved from the last year's deficit and the investment plans in Vietnam market earlier this year are now in the process of structuring the investment as well as the legal process.

Mr. Pramote added that "The Company plans to continue investment in Indonesia since Indonesia has positive factors contributing to many aspects of marketing.  Indonesia population is up to 240 million and 30 million of them are internet users which tend to increase constantly every year.  While the market has a growth rate in terms of the number of players as well as the online gaming market is still in an early stage, Indonesia is then considered the market with a very high growth of Internet users.  The number of registered Facebook users ranked No. 2 in the world (the no. 1 is United States of America).

In addition, the company also has a plan to launch one new game in Thailand and another one new game in abroad during this forth quarter which is expected to gain interest, popularity and much revenue continually in the second half of the year", said Mr. Pramote.