Excellent performance in Q2 of 2011 promotes overall Asiasoft's performance of the first half Company applies aggressive strategy in launching new 9 games and increase investment In 3 related projects

BackAug 15, 2011

Performance of Asiasoft Plc. or AS is very stable, maintaining net profit of 21% in which revenues of the 2nd quarter are 421.80 million Baht, or 17.6% increase versus year ago, according to performance in international markets which is 37% grown from both old and new games.

Mr. Pramote Sudjitporn, Chief Operating Officer of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited shared about performance of company in the 2nd quarter of 2011 that company earned overall revenue of 421.80 million Baht, or 17.6% increase versus year ago that earned 358.6 million Baht, making 46% gross profits. Net profits are 83.71 million Baht or 13.3% increase versus the same quarter of last year that earned 73.88 net profits which mainly derived from revenues of international markets for 37.2% of 147.92-million Baht revenue, versus 107.82 million Baht of last year. Both old and new games are key contributors of this achievement.

4 new games will be launched in this quarter, including Gigaslave, 3 Kingdoms Warriors Online, Gangza Band Master; AIKA will be launched at Singapore. Company has extended distribution channels to facilitate payment of internet cafes and gamers, for instance, online payment for members, payment via 1-2 Call, and Paysbuy. Recently, company offers payment channel for Facebook game via @Cash prepay card. Company looks forward to launching AVA, FPS game in new platform to penetrate into South East Asia market.

Regarding performance of the first half, company earns revenues of 823.3 million Baht from both domestic and international markets, or 13.5% increase versus year ago that earned 725.1 million Baht. Domestic revenues are 554.9 million Baht which account for 67.40% of overall revenues, while revenues of international market are 268.4 million Baht which account for 32.6% of overall revenues. Increasing revenues are derived from aggressive strategy in this year, making net profits of 153.75 million Baht, or 12.5% growth versus last year that earned net profits of 136.7 million Baht.

"Company continues applying aggressive policy, planning to launch new 9 games in the second half so overall 16 new games will be launched this year. 2 new games will be introduced in Singapore/Malaysia and 7 games in Thailand. Company also invests in Indonesia and plan to launch new games within November. In addition, company is in process to assess investment with 1 company in Thailand that is capable of supporting and expanding main business, and cooperate with key online game company in international market to enhance competitive advantage and expand revenue base in the future based on aforementioned plan. We are confident that company can surely achieve 20% growth in revenue" Mr. Pramote concluded.

Company is one of leading online game service providers in South East Asia region, enjoying the 1st-rank market share in Thailand and Singapore, 3rd in Malaysia, and 4th in Vietnam. Although current business model of company is sub-license with partners in Vietnam, but company looks forward to investing and prepares for starting business. Presently, company requires permit from Vietnam government to run game business in the future