Asiasoft make a big history with Ragnarok Online 2, With massive response than ever!!

BackJan 11, 2013

Asiasoft proudly present Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the second in the first quarter of 2013, on January 3. The legendary is back to all gamers, while it's the 1st English version of the world. During the launch off CBT, Gamer claimed to have big response with triple CCU, therefore the infrastructure need to be immediately improved.

"With massive response from 1st English version during CBT of Ragnarok Online 2, we are scheduling the launching plan which will be severed gamer in Thailand and Vietnam as next step in this year. We are expecting to gain more market share in online game as well as revenue by the end of 2013" said Mr.Pramoth Sudjitporn CEO of Asiasoft PCL.