Asiasoft announced first quarter revenue grew 12% in 2013 and paying quarterly dividend of 0.15 Baht per share

BackMay 14, 2013

14 May 2013 - Mr. Kenny Goh Chief Financial Officer of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited announced 2013 quarter one overall revenue of 468.88 Million Baht, or 12 % increase from the same period of last year (2012: 420.56 Million Baht). Net profits for the quarter reported 51.84 Million Baht , a decrease of 29% from the last year (2102: 73.12 Million Baht). The company announced an interim dividend in respect of the first quarter performance of Baht 0.15 per Share. The decrease in net profit is primarily due to the lower online revenue from subsidiary in Thailand and subsidiary in Indonesia.

The operating results of the overseas revenue continue to grow. Revenue from overseas contributed 228.83 Million Baht, or 62% increase from the same period of last year (2012: 143.76 Million Baht). The increased in revenue are derived from successful launches of new games and better performance from existing games. Revenue from oversea represent of 49% of total group revenue in this quarter. Net profit from oversea increased to 18.58 Million Baht, or increase 19% from last year (2012: 15.58 Million Baht).

Mr. Kenny Goh mentioned that the Company will be aggressively focusing on MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) market, to serve the increasing demand from such gamers. Chaos will be the first MOBA game to be launched by Playcybergames, a subsidiary of Asiasoft, in 7 countries (Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thai, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia). Asiasoft will also be launching two "AAA" online game titles to serve gamers in the region in third and fourth quarter. Mr. Goh concluded that from group strategies and directions for second half of 2013 will dramatically increases the group revenue.