Asiasoft disclose 1Q2016 performance, open more games in 2Q2016

BackMay 12, 2016

May 12, 2016 : Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn, The CEO of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited , said that in 2016 Quarter 1 the company have total revenue 187 MTHB decreased by 19% from previous year 232 MTHB due to new game launch at the end of the quarter thus the full recognition of revenue will be done in the next quarter.

According to internal restructure and business plan the company can reduce Cost of Sale, SG&A from 283 MTHB in 2015 Quarter 1 to 220 MTHB in 2016 Quarter 1. Net Loss improved from 46 MTHB to 39 MTHB which is a good sign for company’s direction.

In 2016 Quarter 1, the company launched 2 new mobile games and will launch 5 new games in 2016 Quarter 2 of which 3 for mobile games and 2 for PC games. There is 1 PC game launched in early of May, “Tales Runner”, got overwhelming response with hundred thousand of registered IDs which expect to generate more PC game revenue. In addition the new launch of mobile game in 2016 Quarter 1 has increased the mobile revenue from 7% to 15% in line with company objective on expansion of mobile market which will lead to 30% growth as per company’s target.