MOU Signed between Skynet Systems and Super Trader to Launch Thailand's First Complete Social Trading Platform and Seek to Raise Funds via an ICO

BackApr 18, 2018

April 18, 2018 – Skynet Systems Co. Ltd, a subsidiary company of Asiasoft Public Company Limited (AS) ) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Super Trader (SPT), to launch the first complete and most advanced social trading platform in Thailand. The first phase will be ready to run with AI trading algorithm on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) within this May. Confident to be the top player in the market, both parties seek to raise funds in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) soon for future expansion.

Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn, Chief Executive Officer of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, proclaims: “This collaboration is going to be the first business expansion for Asiasoft into the Fintech industry. Asiasoft and Skynet have been developing social trading, or so-called copy trading platform, for almost two years. The potential upside of the business is very high because the Thai stock market has a high trading volume of 50-70 billion baht per day. Bringing social trading platform into the market will make investment easier for all investors, as they can now have the option to follow or copy trade their favorite individual gurus, or any high performing AI that have a proven track record of reliable and verifiable trading performances. We believe that social trading can draw the attention of new investors into the stock market, and can be an alternative investment tool for part-time investors. Skynet’s social trading platform is the first in Thailand that supports both stock and cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, it is ready to be launched and expanded to the global market in the near future.”

“Asiasoft’s expertise in a social gaming platform IT system servicing a tremendous number of users in Southeast Asia; and our experience in game development involving AI technology; combined with the collaboration with Super Trader – who have the largest trader and investor communities in Thailand – lead us to believe that Super Trader and Skynet will become the leading social trading platform in Thailand. Our aim is to make trading easy and fun for all traders – akin to playing a game. In addition, we plan to raise funds through an ICO intended to be used as utility tokens for traders to follow master traders, as well as to support the expansion of the platform overseas. The ICO presale will be ready and coming very soon.” Pramoth added.

Mr. Krasuang Jarusira, President of Super Trader Holdings revealed that Super Trader has signed a MOU with Skynet Systems Co.Ltd, a subsidiary company of Asiasoft Public Company Limited (AS), to launch Thailand’s first complete social trading platform that brings together both parties’ key strengths, which are the latest cutting edge technology and the largest community of professional traders. The platform is expected to test with AI trading algorithm on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) by May 2018, and has been developed to support cryptocurrency exchanges since January this year.

Super Trader founded the “Super Trader Thailand” stock trading competition project since 2014, which in four seasons of the tournament attracted more than 5,000 traders and over 100 trading coaches – who will play an important role in making the social trading platform a success.

“Social Trading has been gaining popularity globally for a while with the rapid growth in the Forex market,” Krasuang added. “Ayondo – Singapore’s first Fintech firm – was able to successfully raise capital by an initial public offering (IPO) in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). Hence, we are confident that the social trading platform will be absolutely popular in Thailand in the future.”

About Skynet Systems Co., Ltd.

Skynet Systems Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Asiasoft Public Company Limited (AS), listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Skynet is a developer of a Fintech application platform that receives AI algorithm-generated orders of securities and derivatives; and facilitates seamless transfer of the orders to the security brokers’ backend systems. Skynet is Thailand’s first company to completely develop a ready-to-use social trading and ranking system for the stock exchange and cryptocurrency exchange. With the ranking system to display historical, comparable and verifiable trade performance of professional traders including AI system, which allows the public to follow and copy their trading positions with ease.

About Super Trader Co., Ltd.

Super Trader Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and founded “Super Trader Thailand” - the most renowned stock trading competition project since 2014 to date. Super Trader is a part of the Super Trader Holding Group, the largest professional stock traders and investors’ community in Thailand. Super Trader Holding consists of: