Asiasoft announces business model to improve foreign market

BackMay 15, 2018

May 15, 2018 : Asiasoft today announced new strategy to compete in the ever challenging gaming market. It will focus on maintaining and expanding the local market and with more emphasis in foreign markets, namely Indonesia and Philippines where there are untapped opportunities and growth potentials.

"Asiasoft earned profit 9.9 MTHB in its own local market on the back of an extremely competitive environment. The company made a loss of 3.8 MTHB on Consolidation level in Q1/2018 due to declining revenues in Singapore and Malaysia. To prepare for new product launches, the company will be restructuring its operations in Indonesia and the Philippines where the markets still offer good growth opportunities. "

"Looking ahead, we will be expanding into a new business vertical, the Social Trading System via our Associate Company "Skynet". We believed that this new venture will allow us to create more growth for the group as well as opportunity for us to participate in the extremely "hot" segment, said by Mr. Gerry Ung.