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13 Nov 2018 Asiasoft explain Q3 result, disclose future improvement plan
14 Aug 2018 Asiasoft confidence Second Half will be better than First Half
15 May 2018 Asiasoft announces business model to improve foreign market
18 Apr 2018 MOU Signed between Skynet Systems and Super Trader to Launch Thailand's First Complete Social Trading Platform and Seek to Raise Funds via an ICO
27 Feb 2018 Asiasoft delivers resilient full-year earnings
30 Nov 2017 Information regarding the exercise of the warrants (AS-W1) 1st Submission
14 Nov 2017 Asiasoft announced stronger revenue and earnings performance for Q3, returns to profitability. Expects more growth in Q4!
15 Aug 2017 Asiasoft announce First Half Result 2017 BETTER than First Half 2016 New Games will be launched to make profit in Second Half
15 May 2017 Asiasoft Turnaround from Loss to Profit in Q1/2017
28 Feb 2017 Asiasoft disclose 2016 performance. The Board approved to reduce Deficits R/E and Warrant issuing. Prepare for future dividend payment.
14 Nov 2016 Asiasoft disclose Quarterly Result Adjust Strategy for Market Competition
11 Oct 2016 Asiasoft announce Restructure and Capital Increase to strengthen future markets
15 Aug 2016 Asiasoft disclose the first half performance, Outlook improve. Get ready for the second half. Expect to gain more market share
12 May 2016 Asiasoft disclose 1Q2016 performance, open more games in 2Q2016
11 May 2016 Asiasoft announced the success story of Tales Runner. More than 100,000 runners join to run with PLAYPARK in the first week of game launching and also get the highest CCU in the past few years.
01 Apr 2016 Asiasoft announces to ended the service of Ragnarok Online in Thailand
31 Mar 2016 Asiasoft's latest game Pocket MapleStorySEA Achieves overnight success in App Store
29 Feb 2016 Asiasoft reported fiscal year 2015 Net loss mainly due to loss on investment from Overseas and restructuring to realign its reginal operational to better engage
11 Nov 2015 Asiasoft reported third quarter 2015, revenue growth due to mobile game
11 Aug 2015 Asiasoft to launch top PC and Mobile games to further increase market share
07 Aug 2015 Asiasoft proudly announces that Dragonica Mobile has reached in 1 million installs across Southeast Asia and risen up to 1st rank since the launching date.
20 May 2015 Asiasoft proudly welcomes all gamers in Southeast Asia to the Nexus's battlegrounds in the new title "Heroes of the Storm™" from Blizzard this May 20th.
13 May 2015 Asiasoft reported first quarter loss of 40 Million Baht as the Group increases its investment in mobile gaming
27 Mar 2015 Asiasoft partners up with LINE to launch "LINE Dragonica Mobile" in May 2015
03 Mar 2015 Asiasoft Corporation reports fiscal year 2014 results with slow down in performance while the Group extend its business operations into mobile gaming and platform to seek a profitable 2015
12 Nov 2014 Asiasoft reported third quarter results of 84 Million Baht loss on revenue of 291 Million Baht as the Group extended its services from PC Game servicing to mobile game servicing and Internet services provisioning
18 Sep 2014 Qihoo 360 and Asiasoft Announce Partnership in Southeast Asia
13 Aug 2014 Asiasoft reported second quarter revenue of 320 Million Baht and planned to launch the new game for recovering in the 2nd half 2014
15 May 2014 Asiasoft Sets To Open English Service of Phantasy Star Online 2 in 6 Southeast Asian Countries on 29 May 2014, with Early Access on 27 May 2014
12 May 2014 Asiasoftreported revenue of Baht 364.5 Millionwith net profit of Baht 11.38 Million, announcedto service PSO2 from SEGA from this month.
29 Apr 2014 Asiasoft partners with Blizzard Entertainment to bring Heroes of the Storm™ to 4 Southeast Asian Countries
28 Feb 2014 Asiasoft reported lower earnings in fiscal year 2013 due to impairment and write-off of game licenses and delay in game launches.
12 Nov 2013 Asiasoft to propose interim dividend of 0.10 Baht per share out of its 2013 third quarter revenue of Baht 414.49 Million.
14 Aug 2013 Asiasoft to propose interim dividend of 0.20 Baht per share out of its 2013 second quarter revenue of Baht 428.64 Million,
14 May 2013 Asiasoft announced first quarter revenue grew 12% in 2013 and paying quarterly dividend of 0.15 Baht per share
13 Mar 2013 Asiasoftfocus main strategies to expand across the region
28 Feb 2013 Asiasoft reported a record on revenue and net income for 2012, with total revenue 2 billion baht and highest paying dividend stock Baht 1 per share.
08 Feb 2013 Asiasoft appoints Mr. Kenny Goh as Group Chief Financial Officer
11 Jan 2013 Asiasoft make a big history with Ragnarok Online 2, With massive response than ever!!
13 Nov 2012 Asiasoft announced third quarter revenue grew 22 percent in 2012 and will pay a quarterly dividend of 0.23 Baht per share
15 Aug 2011 Excellent performance in Q2 of 2011 promotes overall Asiasoft's performance of the first half Company applies aggressive strategy in launching new 9 games and increase investment In 3 related projects
03 Jun 2011 Asiasoft reveals promising profits of both domestic and international markets in 1st quarter and looks forward to applying proactive strategies to capture 20% growth
08 Oct 2010 Asiasoft is yet strong. Good operation results, growing continually in both Thai and foreign markets. Indonesia invaded the market in the first quarter of the next year.
16 Aug 2010 Asiasoft discloses second quarter net profits with steady growth and dividend payments of 0.43 baht per share
26 Apr 2010 Asiasoft Announces Its Dividend Against Economic Crisis
22 Mar 2010 Broker raises AS profit to 211 millions Dumping 150 - 180 millions of Investment this year
03 Mar 2010 Reported the results of business operation in Thailand in 2009 showed 45% profit increase
19 Aug 2009 ASIASOFT's Q2/09 shows on going growth in Thailand
05 Mar 2009 Asiasoft announces profits and dividend pay out in 2008 amid sluggish economy
28 Jan 2009 Asiasoft All-Star Battle, year’s biggest online games competition ends with success
19 Nov 2008 Asiasoft invites gamers to do good for our father in Gamers Love Dad Year 3 Project
14 Nov 2008 Asiasoft announces its results for first 9 months, showing off better sales over that of last year. Company confident in launch of new games in Q4
03 Sep 2008 AsiaSoft reports profits, expands into Malaysia.
28 Aug 2008 Asiasoft shows its healthy first half earnings while hoping regional marketing to help meet H2 target
18 Aug 2008 Asiasoft announced dividend payments and showed the operating results of the 2nd quarter 2008, net profit increased almost 50% from the 1st quarter 2008.
09 Jul 2008 Asiasoft support youth Thai education, donate money build a library for a poor school 1,000,000 million baht
07 Jul 2008 Asiasoft get ready to open service new game ‘Wind Forrest and Fire Mountain : WFFM’
29 May 2008 Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (AS) opens first day trade with 75 million shares at 12 baht per share. Confident of good business with net profit growing to 107.7%, and good foundation, encouraging growth in the long run.
26 May 2008 Asiasoft Buoyant On Domestic/Overseas Performance To List On SET In May
27 Mar 2008 Asiasoft and gain the prize 'The Topmost Visited Website' from Web Awards 2007 two year continual !!
22 Feb 2008 Asiasoft Joins Hands with Korea’s No. 1 Online Game Company, CJ Internet, to Expand Presence in Region
21 Feb 2008 Asiasoft promises first class entertainment at Thailand Game Show 2008
14 Feb 2008 Asiasoft joins forces with two giant Thai game companies to launch "Summoner Master Online"
14 Feb 2008 Asiasoft joins forces with two giant Thai game companies to launch "Summoner Master Online"
25 Oct 2007 Photo Caption: Market leader Asiasoft announces IPO plan
08 Oct 2007 Asiasoft plans IPO to raise capital for regional investment